Project Description

The development objective of the Samoa Climate Resilient Transport Project (SCRTP) is to improve the climate resilience of Samoa's road network and in the event of an eligible crisis or emergency, to provide an immediate response to the eligible crisis or emergency. The project comprises of four components.

Component 1 - Sectoral and Spatial Planning Tools: This component involves technical assistance (TA) that will improve the way that climate change is addressed in Samoa's road sector and allows for the financing of updates to analytical and sector planning tools to enable policymakers to make informed decisions based on the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

Component 2 - Climate Resilient Infrastructure Solutions: This component involves feasibility studies, design and construction of identified priority road assets to improve their resilience to climate-related hazards and/or events. It consists of the following sub-components: (i) implementing activities to improve climate resilience of the western section of the West Coast Road (WCR) between Malua and Faleolo, including supervision activities required for such work; (ii) supporting the assessment, design, construction and supervision activities in relation to the slope protection and stabilization and drainage works on the East Coast Road (ECR) to reduce landslip and rockfall hazards and the related risks to the road assets and users; (iii) supporting the assessment, design, construction and supervision activities to improve and/or replace bridges culverts and fords on Upolu and Savaii including but not limited to the replacement of the Afega Bridge and the Lano Ford Crossing; (iv) conducting feasibility studies for upgrading the Alafa'alava Road. 

Component 3 - Strengthening the Enabling Environment: This component will provide funding to support institutional and regulatory reforms for road sector asset management and maintenance, including measures to strengthen local capacity and to increase the sustainability of climate resilient road sector investments. The component will also strengthen coordination among relevant institutions, will look at ways in which road sector management can be improved, and will address any emerging priority issues that can help support the Government in addressing climate change risks. 

Component 4 - Contingency Emergency Response: This component is designed to provide swift response in the event of an eligible crisis or emergency, by enabling the Government to request the Bank to re-allocate Project funds to support emergency response and reconstruction. 


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